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Women Of Mesa county Empowerment Nations

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       Rachel Hollis, author of 'Girl wash your face', has said 'think of yourself as a vase, tall and beautiful. Everything in your life is being poured into you that you will need to be happy and successful. We have loved ones and we start believing that if I tip over here I'll spill some of my happy onto them, unknowingly tipping our vase making it more easy to fall and break. But what if instead we stand tall, letting all of the good things flow in and fill us. Eventually that happy will come to the top and start to flow out onto those around us.' So I ask you do you want to be the broken vase, or shall we stand tall feet planted, outstretched for all of the joy and success to flow into us filling us so we can spill that on to everyone else? The answer is clear right?


    December 7th, 2018 will be our first Event of hopefully many to spur this great place we call home to band together in the drive to be better and be the mentors we wish to be for the next generation of women! Please stay tuned for more information that will be posted as things get finalized. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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    With a movement that is so prevalent in todays culture, it is our duty to create a space for women in our community that allows them to find the knowledge and support they need to enjoy a happy and prosperous life. Many times with how many hats we as women wear; i.e. mom, boss, wife, homemaker, and many more, its easy to fall prey to the lies we tell ourselves. 'I don't have time' or 'I can't, I have the kids' are all half truths that we twist in our minds giving us the perfect excuse to not take back our lives. Well we are here to tell you that while yes you are busy and yes you have your kids, these should never be deterring you from your biggest dreams!


    W.O.M.E.N. was founded by two hard working stay at home moms who were sick of the negativity life brings. We are ready for a movement in the Mesa County area and if, through our own pursuit of happiness, we can create a support team and help bring knowledge that sometimes seems impossible to find to our community then we will feel successful! 


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Empowerment Summit


This is an all FREE EVENT

December 7th, 2018

Marriott Residence Inn

767 Horizon Dr, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Friday from 6pm to 9pm

Speakers Include:

Elizabeth D. Aubert MA, LPC, NCC

Karen Rowe w/ Five Rings Financial

Vanessa Young w/ Hand Heart & Soul Foot Zoning

Dr. Rebecca Glasser and Life Coach Paula Roelands

Image Entrepreneur & Events planner April Arnold

Always late with Alex + Charnae

Exciting Booths:


Five Rings Financial

Life Coach Francesca

Hand Heart & Sole Foot Zoning

Revolution Salon

bare ELEMENTS Events Photography and DJ

And Many More!

Come enjoy a Girls Night Out and have a chance to win many amazing prizes throughout the event! We will be having a photographer and stylists to capture and amplify how truly amazing a woman looks when she feels supported and empowered. We will be creating a free space where you can come and find a group of like minded positive souls and hear some amazing information that might help enrich your life! 

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Please Join us and support your community.
All are welcome and encouraged to come!
Let your voices be heard when we call you to action in your own life!

Big Thanks

to all of the wonderful people who came to our first W.O.M.E.N.'s event!

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